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Daniel und Patrick in einer gemeinsamen Strategischen Besprechung vor dem Laptop im Meetingraum der Agentur

About us

Design und Development in einer strategischen Besprechung in der Agentur

Let's meet

Data-driven brand strategy

Webdevelopment am Bildschirm mit Programmiersprache

Webdesign & development

Mit einem Stift wird ein neues Strategisches Konzept auf das Flipchart übertragen

Processes & marketing automation

🤖 AI in marketing? Learn how it can benefit your business in this video.



is dryven

What do we stand for?

🧬 digital

From remote work to the use of various tools, we are characterized by a strongly digital way of living and working.

🤝 collaborative

Collaboration works best when it takes place with transparent and open interaction at eye level.

📈 data-driven

Gut feeling is good, but only underpinned with data can optimized solutions be created that have a lasting effect.

🚀 future-oriented

The selective inclusion of trends and the recognition of relevant developments is important to us - without any "buzzword bingo".

💻 technology-driven

Only with current technologies can solutions be developed that will still be relevant in several years.

🔧 process-oriented

We optimize processes and automate repetitive workflows so teams can focus on more valuable activities.

We are dryven

Don't worry, you won't find any praise for our team, our skills and our experience on this page, because then we would be no different than other agencies. Besides, you've probably already seen our projects and formed an opinion about what we can do. So no further words necessary. We are dryven:

Anna Kofler

General Manager and
Head of Marketing & Design
+43 650 99 19 667

Patrick Kofler

Head of Operations and Project Management
+43 664 535 38 68

Daniel Huber

Head of Development and Project Management
+43 680 320 82 08

Eva Nitschke

Digital Marketing Strategy
Daniel Kral steht vor modernem Büro

Daniel Kral

(on educational leave)
Zoran Babic

Zoran Babic

Crypto- and Blockchain Specialist

Martin Bednar

Financial Advisor

Bernd Kreuzinger

Bernd Kreuzinger

Business Development and
Digital Transformation

+43 664 113 72 47

Jan Summer

Office Operations

Fynn Summer

Office Operations

+ carefully selected partners who support us with resources and further expertise in the areas of content, content for crypto, social media community management, community building, SEM, managed hosting and web development as required

Office & Co.

Welcome to our world

Although we love our office where we spend our days (and often nights), as digital nomads we are not bound to this one physical address. That's why you'll find photos of our office as well as photos of quality time with our team here.

Our office is where our team is ❤️

Modernes Büro des Marketing-Unternehmens dryven in St. Pölten
Anna und Lena von dryven sitzen zusammen und lachen
Ausflug des Teams von dryven in den Weinbergen der Wachau
Riedenfahrt in der Wachau mit dem Team von dryven
Das Team von dryven steht zusammen beim Eröffnungsevent ihres Büros in St. Pölten
Beim Büroeröffnungsevent von dryven stehen mehrere Personen in einer Gruppe zusammen
Beim Büroeröffnungsevent von dryven moderiert Geschäftsführerin Anna Steinacher durch den Abend
Design und Development in einer strategischen Besprechung in der Agentur
Das dryven Team am Billardtisch

You are the music in me 💃

If you stop by our office, there's a good chance you'll stumble upon one of the following hits. These songs are currently boosting our productivity to the max!

What about you?

  • Are you as dryven as we are?

  • You didn't let our taste in music scare you away?

Then take a look at our job section and find out what awaits you at dryven.