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Menschen für Menschen

The main goal of the Menschen für Menschen association is to make entire regions (suffering from poverty) independent of outside help. In doing so, it relies on the principle of "helping people to help themselves": Walking hand in hand with the people, listening and implementing broad-based measures are among the foundations of its work.

  • Design and Concept: Anna Steinacher

  • Development: Daniel Huber & Daniel Kral

  • Project Management: Patrick Kofler

  • Webdesign & Development

  • Branding & Design

The status quo was a slow and visually old-fashioned website with a confusing information architecture. The existing design was not very emotionalizing, the structure was not easily accessible and the USP (= unique selling proposition) was not consistently communicated.

The donation process also needed to be modernized to meet current technical standards and provide website visitors with the most pleasant experience possible.

Information architecture

In the first step, a clear architecture of the website was implemented by reducing the number of menu items while at the same time deepening the structure. So-called "breadcrumbs" were used to inform website visitors at all times about which section of the website they are currently in. Special attention was paid to high accessibility and ease of use.


Furthermore, an appealing, friendly design was implemented by using soft shapes and structures, handwritten fonts and hand-drawn icons. A stronger emotionalization was achieved by placing large-scale images whose focus was on happy people.

The areas in which the association supports the regions are identified throughout the website by clear icons and colors. As part of the explanation of the USP (= unique selling proposition) of "Menschen für Menschen" (the integrative approach), a scroll animation brings them together.

Donation process

The entire donation process was modernized, divided into several steps and made more visually friendly. A donation value slider was implemented, which dynamically displays what each donation amount does.

In addition to the classic donation process, a donation store "Donation Box" ("Spendenbox" in German) including a voucher system was developed, in which website visitors can browse through targeted measures and place them in their Donation Box.