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Daniel und Patrick in einer gemeinsamen Strategischen Besprechung vor dem Laptop im Meetingraum der Agentur

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Verein N'Cyan

N’Cyan offers an innovative platform for exploring the interaction between digital technologies and the power of tradition. It was precisely this tension between digitalization and regionality that was to be conveyed visually through the brand image. The basis of the branding was the already existing logo. The brand appearance was defined by a modern reinterpretation of the traditional contour line as a key visual, a matching typography, and a color and image world.

  • Art Direction & Graphic: Anna Steinacher

  • Development: Daniel Huber

  • Graphic & Illustration: Lena Kralicek

  • Project Management: Patrick Kofler

  • Webdesign & Development

  • Branding & Design

The vision of the N'Cyan association is to strengthen digitalization through empathy and to empower people through digital tools. The tension between preserving human needs and traditions while advancing digitalization is to be communicated through the brand and also found visually on the website and the print products to be designed.

On the one hand, contour lines represent success, advancement and achievement of goals. Primarily, the bridge can be built here to the projects that receive support from N'Cyan. On the other hand, the eponymous Gentian ("Enzian" in German) grows exclusively at altitudes of 2,000 to 2,600 meters above sea level. The contour lines as a key visual thus stand for the natural unspoiledness of the Alps, where the association was launched, with a modern interpretation.

The unique visual world is defined by landscapes interspersed with bands of light. Here, technology meets nature, movement meets tranquility, and digitalization meets regionality. All these represent fields of tension to which N'Cyan has dedicated itself.