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Folder "Impact Study" & "Business Angel"


With six AplusB centers, the concept supports technology start-ups with high growth potential throughout the country. Technology projects are identified as important partners for collaboration and inspiration in the Austrian higher education landscape and led to success within the framework of a start-up.

  • Graphic & Information Design: Lena Kralicek

  • Project Management: Patrick Kofler

  • Branding & Design

In the course of the "Impact Study" folder, the results of the impact study conducted are to be presented to stakeholders in an easily accessible and clearly understandable manner.

The "Business Angel" folder, on the other hand, is intended to focus on the successful collaboration between start-ups and business angels.

Folder "Impact Study"

In this folder, the data of the Impact Study was visually presented by means of appealing, minimally designed infographics. For each data set of the study to be presented, special attention was paid to the ideal presentation of the corresponding data. In order to visually liven up the folder, various quotations were also placed.

In the course of this, the corporate design of AplusB was also modernized and the data of the study was visualized on the website

Folder "Business Angel"

This folder focuses on the relationship between start-ups and business angels. Instead of just presenting the start-ups and their business angels, the start-ups tell about their positive experiences with their business angels (= success stories).

The modernized look and feel of AplusB was adopted, but the color palette was inverted. The imagery relies on cropped photos and geometric elements. The focus is on the start-ups as narrators, which were placed in large areas on the pages.


Folder "Impact Studie"

Folder "Business Angel"