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Branding, website and web-platform

European University

E³UDRES² is an European University Alliance, which follows the mission statement "From Europe - For Europe" by developing European approaches to regional issues.

This European university represents an alliance of a total of six universities, each located in Austria, Portugal, Hungary, Belgium, Romania and Latvia.

  • Branding: Anna Steinacher

  • Logo: Lena Kralicek

  • Development: Daniel Huber & Daniel Kral

  • Project Management: Patrick Kofler

  • Branding & Design

  • Webdesign & Development

The diversity and internationality lived by E³UDRES² should be visually underlined. The appearance has to be young and modern, yet not disregard the well-founded scientific approach to the problems to be solved together.

In addition to the branding and a classic information website, a platform was needed (partly password-protected) on which interested parties from the universities could network, join the various working groups and work together on the problems.

Look & Feel

A very clear and bright appearance with almost artistic elements was created. For example, beveled image areas, large-scale typography as a design element and hand-drawn lines that repeatedly make their way through the image world were used.

The use of fresh, bright colors, whose spectrum reflects the diversity of E³UDRES², provides additional excitement in the visual presentation. Particular care had to be taken here to ensure that, despite the strong differences between the colors, a coherent overall image is drawn that still has a certain scientific touch.


The logo was implemented in several stages. Thus, it can be adapted at any time to the medium to be used and the space available without losing legibility. An elegant, delicate sans serif font was chosen, and the superscripts were visually integrated into the lettering. The logo is available in all four primary colors, with the eye catching the highlighted "EU".


People from all six universities can register on the partially password-protected networking platform. They are then invited by admins to join various working groups, which in turn can choose from challenges (= problems) to work on.

In addition to internal university members, it is also possible for external persons to create challenges, which are then selected and processed by working groups.

The platform thus enables the display of requests, the assignment of people to working groups (including the invitation system), the selection of challenges, and the public viewing of the assignments made in this way.